About Me

I’m Giorgio, an Italy-based sound designer, audio postproduction editor, and music composer with my own project studio.

I have been an Italy-based Audio post-production editor for more than 10 years. I’ve been employed in several busy Italian audio post facilities, working on numerous national TV and radio commercials, promos, idents, TV shows ADR,  re-recording mixing for national and international broadcast channels and localization of AAA games.
Now I’m a freelancer with my own project studio for everyday audio post, sound, and music tasks and with access to a big audio post facility for bigger works. I work worldwide with directors, executive producers, animation studios, ATL and BTL adv agencies, sound agencies, and music publishing companies.

As a sound designer, I like to experiment with every technique to record and to process sounds in the most creative way possible, crafting the sounds from scratch and providing high quality and original sound design to my clients.


Sound Design: custom sound effect design for branded or narrative films, motion graphics and animation, foley, sound branding, sound logos, sounds for visual art installations and video mapping, sound library and assets creation, sound effect layering, and sound effect searches.
Audio Post-production: VO editing, dialogue editing and production track cleaning, audio and video syncronizaiton, OMF/AAF mixing, mastering, sound editing & tracklay, broadcast mixing, and 360° sound spatialization.
Music: custom music scoring, music search from libraries, music licensing, and music editing to picture.
Delivery formats and standards: Stereo, surround 5.1, loudness check for TV broadcast and theatrical trailers, and multichannel 1st order Ambisonic for immersive VR/AR 360° videos.


Feel free to drop me a line for any request about my sound design and audio post production activities or simply to say “Hello”.

I like to keep in touch with talented and creative people.

info@giorgioriolo.com or fill the form below